Thursday, June 16, 2011

"She said What??!!"

So a few days ago, Calista went to play with Nana for the day. When Nana brought her back she told me this:

Calista: "Nana do you want to play?"
Nana: "Sure, what do you want to play?
Calista: "Let's play like I'm Gay."

Nana: (dying inside) "Uhhh, how do we play that?"
Calista: "You sit down here, and I will do your hair."

Oh my, the thoughts that race through your head in 5 seconds! The precious innocence of my sweet little girl versus the aweful confusion of the American Society and the English Language!

Explanation: Calista had just gotten her hair cut that day at our favorite little Salon in Rupert by Mrs. Gay Tiller. She simply wanted to pretend she was one of her favorite people. Gay is so awesome and Calista loves her!

Nana has known Gay most of her life, in fact, she cut Lance's hair throughout his whole life and still does. Nana quickly put it all together and we have been laughing about it ever since...

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My little FireMAN

Happy Birthday Mesa Belle!

We sure had fun meeting the firemen, sparky the firedog (who terrified Nelson), touring the firetrucks, getting little fireman tattoos and learning about how to escape a smoking house at the Pocatello Fire Dept. All the kids, except for Calista (who has a mind and opinion of her own,) dressed up as firemen and fireladies.

My little FireLady!

What are these goons doing? ....

Oh... trying to get a picture of this rouny bunch of FireLittlePeople

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love my dad's talent...

It was so fun to go to my daughter's dance recital this year and not have to worry about taking pictures. I just enjoyed the show, while my dad caught my daughter doing what she loves most... Dancing her little heart out!

I love her!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Our days...

Calista was so kind to give us sparkle-foam paper manicures.

Nelson is developing quite the talent of playing the piano.

Making doughnuts! If you know Calista, you know she loves to cook. We had family projector movie night. We watched Ramona and Beezus- so cute- and made doughnuts and ate till we were sick. It was so much fun.

School art projects. Miss Andrea never runs out of ways to use paper plates.

Dancing ALWAYS...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandma Lois Robertson Bannister

May 27, 1919- February 13, 2011

91 years old

At 8am Valentines Day my Dad called to tell me that Grandma passed away. She has been on her way home for several months gradually letting go. She was so frail thin last Sunday that I knew it couldn't be too much longer. she really wanted to go and I am happy that she has relief from her earthly body. She is with her Wilfred and many friends that I am sure were waiting with open arms.
She and Grandpa Wilfred Bannister left behind

3 sons: Arthur, Charles (my dad), and Mark. 10 Grandchildren: Jenny, Tim, Chad, Cassie, Jamie, Kelley, David, Bettie, Amy, and Michele (the last 8 are my siblings)and 32 Great Grandchildren.

Grandma always had the best skin and hair. Her skin was flawless and smooth. She loved children with all of her heart and was one of Calista's very best friends. Every time we would go to my mom's house Calista would run to 'old grandma's' bedroom and chat and play for hours. Grandma never tired of the children and always doted on each and every one.
She was always playing games and singing and bouncing her fingers to some melody. Once while visiting her in Vallejo, CA, she taught me a card trick with the Jacks when I was very young and it made me feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I could doop even the older kids. She always spoiled us when we were young with things my parents couldn't afford. We loved her attention and would fight over the phone when she called. This was back when you actually paid to make a long distance call and yet she would talk to each of us... she must have spent a fortune just to call and talk to her grandchildren.
About 6 years ago she moved into my Parent's home. Which was such a blessing. Although it took us all a long time to count it as one. Calista got to really know her and love her, we all did really. She could rile up anyone with her questions, make you giggle with a dirty joke, and make you laugh out loud at her dry sense of humor. She was a democrat through and through surrounded by staunch Idaho Republicans and she stood her ground! I'll tell you my mom and dad's house is going to feel a lot emptier. She had quite the presence. We will all miss her dearly.

Goodbye Grandma. God be with you will we meet again.

Calista and I at her mother and fathers grave in Buhl, ID May 26, 2009

Monday, January 10, 2011

Converstaions with my sweet Calista

Last Night at about 9:45pm:
"Mom. when houses burn up, do Monsters live in them?"
"No Calista, Monster are not real and don't live anywhere."
"Yes, they do... We have a Monster in our house."
""We do?"
"Yes, his name is Nelson"

A couple of weeks ago after Great Aunt Rena's funeral:
"Mom, where is Rena going?"
"To Heaven to live with Heavenly Father."
"Where are they going to put that box?"
"Well they will go to the cemetery and bury it in the ground. That is our custom to bury the body but her spirit, the part that makes her who she is goes to live with heavenly father."
Long Pause
"So Heavenly Father lives in the ground?"

I thought that was a very logical conclution. She is such a thinker! Needless to say we had a long talk on the way to the cemetary.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tis' the Reason

Calista and Carson as Mary and Joseph during our Ward Christmas Dinner while the children sang Mary's Lullaby. It was so sweet and we had one sweet moment of the real reason for Christmas.

---Just a thought---
I wish they would ban Santa Clause from Ward Dinners! Santa is everywhere, at the mall, at the square, at every party, in every yard, at the Festival of Trees, but where is the Savior?
This year at our Ward Christmas Dinner, the Primary Children sang two songs about the Savior, there was such a sweet spirit, and then before they could even walk off the stage -in comes Santa Clause to take over the show and kill the spirit. The focus on the importance of Santa really saddens me. I know the children love Santa, but there are some occasions where it would be nice to focus on the Birth of the Savior.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing Up

This Month Nelson is 7 months old.
He weighs in at 14 lbs 10 oz 5th percentile
He measure 27.5 inches 90th percentile
We are holding out hope, that we may have infused some tall genes into the Stevenson name!!
He started crawling early November and he is already pulling himself up on everything. He thinks he needs to walk already! I am in for a treat!
No teeth yet and he is struggling with sleeping. He is the worst at taking naps, we usually have to put him in his car seat with a bottle by the dryer with the dryer running to get him to take a nap. He goes to sleep alright at night, but wakes up usually between 2am and 4am, takes a bottle, and sleeps till about 6 or 7. He will not cry himself back to sleep. We have let him go upwards of 45 minutes and he just continues to cry. He's a toughy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What I wouldn't give!!!

I miss the Sun, the beach, bright colors, warmth, T-shirts (or lack thereof), flipflops, picnis, sweating sodas, endless hours at the park, evening walks, star gazing, patio meals, grilling, bubbles, squirtguns, AHHHH.
Hahaha... I have looked at this picture at least a dozen times and just noticed the couple making out in the background...
Good eye, Erin.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Days

Everytime I want to complain about the snow I am going to look at his picture! So Cute!

My sister had a huge drift in her back yard which is usually quite flat. The cousins built snow cave all day long!

Calista has the BEST cousins! They are all trying to help her get on top of the drift.

Calista's first trip down a hill on a sled. Look at that smile!
PS. No we are not bad parents. This is the first time she has ever wanted to!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween

One Bad Dude!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Tinkerbell and Merina Mermaid trick or treating at One Bad Dude's house!

He Can FLY!

The Annual Halloween Costume Parade.

And I dressed up as One Bad Dude's Lady Friend (aka Tinerbell and Peter's mommy)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Please join me in Voting for Butch Otter

I have never publicly supported a candidate for any political office before, but I am concerned that Keith Allred may fool too many of my friends and family so here is my opinion:
Yes, Keith Allred is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ok, he may share some of the same family values, but that does not make him a good candidate for governor. There are many of the LDS faith that lack what it takes to be governor? I am LDS, should I be governor? And Honestly, how lame is playing the religion card??? Being of the same faith is not a reason to vote for someone.
Yes, Allred now lives in Idaho, claims to be a 5th generation Idahoan, but for most of his life, he has been a Harvard Professor. Impressive sounding, but that means he has lived a very different life than most of us. He has lived and taught at a very liberal and formal institution, spent his days in high-rise buildings and elevators, philosophizing life. I have lived in a large, vastly populated, liberal, eastern college town, and let me tell you it is nothing like the life we live and cherish here in Idaho. Member of the LDS faith or not, how could he even know how to protect our way of life when he has not lived it?
Butch Otter has done an amazing job as Governor. He has kept our budget balanced and refused to send the State of Idaho into debt. He will not let Idaho spend money we do not have. This shows a deep integrity that is nearly completely lost these days. He shows impeccable fiscal responsibility. DO NOT let anyone blame your local problems with education budgets on the Governor’s office. Talk to your local school district and Superintendent. They are happy to send on the blame to Butch Otter to clear their responsibility, but not all school districts are having problems. This is usually the result of poor management from local authorities.
Frankly, Otter’s latest’s stand against the Federal Government mandating Wolf conservation is proof that he will stand up for what is best for Idaho. Who wants the federal government, from eastern, liberal states mandating our way of life? (Hey that sounds like Keith Allred, hmmm.)
I have had the opportunity, on several occasions to shake his hand and talk to him and his wife. They are good, sound, quality people, who show the wear and tear of being on the campaign trail for months and fighting for their livelihood. They are stalwart Idahoans. They live the lives we cherish here in Idaho. Butch Otter has integrity and has shown it in word and deed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love Bear Lake

A Rare Family photo...
Where are all the kids... At the Lake... Nope in the Hot Tub...
The kids all get along so well. Even after two days with no sleep!

Coby shot this great photo of Lance on the water.

And After

Friends like these are rare to come by. I love them!

And I love this boy.

Me and My Favorite Little Girl!

Calista made a necklace out of a sea shell she found on the beach. She has been so proud of it and she wore it to school the day after we got back.
Ahhhh. I love Bear Lake!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Metal Art is Unique and Beautiful

I love this new product offered by my sisters Metal Fabrication Shop. It is truly unique. You have never seen anything like this in a store. It is hard up wrought iron cut into temples and names and images and it is beautiful... IF YOU NEED A CHRISTMAS GIFT for that very hard to buy fer person visit her website at

This is my front door. You can custom order any person's name...

This is in my daughter's room. She loves it and so do I.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Minico Homecoming Parade

(I never thought I'd say that in my life, being a Highland Ram, we somewhat disliked the Spartans ........ now we love them)
Pure elation! Calista has always loved cheerleaders. We found them before the parade started and they were so cute and sweet with Calista. She was in heaven! It nearly brought me to tears.

Everybody is somebody's HERO!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I ordered one of these sofas, it will be in next week. I did not tell Lance wich one I ordered...
Thanks for all the input.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Which Sofa and Love Seat combo???

This is our living room. It obviously needed help. We sold our furniture and are staring over. We definitely want leather, because of the kiddies.

So these are what we have come to...


Lance and I desperately lack at decorating skills. This will be our second attempt to get it right in our living room. I want to have it decorated and furnished by the holidays. So if you have an eye for this crap, or just an opinion , please share!
Lance prefers one and I prefer the other... I'll keep which ones we prefer unposted, so there is no bais!