Thursday, June 16, 2011

"She said What??!!"

So a few days ago, Calista went to play with Nana for the day. When Nana brought her back she told me this:

Calista: "Nana do you want to play?"
Nana: "Sure, what do you want to play?
Calista: "Let's play like I'm Gay."

Nana: (dying inside) "Uhhh, how do we play that?"
Calista: "You sit down here, and I will do your hair."

Oh my, the thoughts that race through your head in 5 seconds! The precious innocence of my sweet little girl versus the aweful confusion of the American Society and the English Language!

Explanation: Calista had just gotten her hair cut that day at our favorite little Salon in Rupert by Mrs. Gay Tiller. She simply wanted to pretend she was one of her favorite people. Gay is so awesome and Calista loves her!

Nana has known Gay most of her life, in fact, she cut Lance's hair throughout his whole life and still does. Nana quickly put it all together and we have been laughing about it ever since...


Erin L said...


CK said...

This story totally made me laught!

The Curzon Gang said...

So Funny...I'm still laughing!!

andreamichelle said...

that is hilarious.