Tuesday, June 07, 2011


My little FireMAN

Happy Birthday Mesa Belle!

We sure had fun meeting the firemen, sparky the firedog (who terrified Nelson), touring the firetrucks, getting little fireman tattoos and learning about how to escape a smoking house at the Pocatello Fire Dept. All the kids, except for Calista (who has a mind and opinion of her own,) dressed up as firemen and fireladies.

My little FireLady!

What are these goons doing? ....

Oh... trying to get a picture of this rouny bunch of FireLittlePeople


Erin L said...

I can't believe that is Nelson in that picture. He's supposed to be a baby still!!!

Janee said...

So cute! I can't believe how big your baby boy is! When did that happen?! Miss you guys!

andreamichelle said...

nelson is growing up so fast, and he's sooo cute!!!