Friday, October 29, 2010

Please join me in Voting for Butch Otter

I have never publicly supported a candidate for any political office before, but I am concerned that Keith Allred may fool too many of my friends and family so here is my opinion:
Yes, Keith Allred is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Ok, he may share some of the same family values, but that does not make him a good candidate for governor. There are many of the LDS faith that lack what it takes to be governor? I am LDS, should I be governor? And Honestly, how lame is playing the religion card??? Being of the same faith is not a reason to vote for someone.
Yes, Allred now lives in Idaho, claims to be a 5th generation Idahoan, but for most of his life, he has been a Harvard Professor. Impressive sounding, but that means he has lived a very different life than most of us. He has lived and taught at a very liberal and formal institution, spent his days in high-rise buildings and elevators, philosophizing life. I have lived in a large, vastly populated, liberal, eastern college town, and let me tell you it is nothing like the life we live and cherish here in Idaho. Member of the LDS faith or not, how could he even know how to protect our way of life when he has not lived it?
Butch Otter has done an amazing job as Governor. He has kept our budget balanced and refused to send the State of Idaho into debt. He will not let Idaho spend money we do not have. This shows a deep integrity that is nearly completely lost these days. He shows impeccable fiscal responsibility. DO NOT let anyone blame your local problems with education budgets on the Governor’s office. Talk to your local school district and Superintendent. They are happy to send on the blame to Butch Otter to clear their responsibility, but not all school districts are having problems. This is usually the result of poor management from local authorities.
Frankly, Otter’s latest’s stand against the Federal Government mandating Wolf conservation is proof that he will stand up for what is best for Idaho. Who wants the federal government, from eastern, liberal states mandating our way of life? (Hey that sounds like Keith Allred, hmmm.)
I have had the opportunity, on several occasions to shake his hand and talk to him and his wife. They are good, sound, quality people, who show the wear and tear of being on the campaign trail for months and fighting for their livelihood. They are stalwart Idahoans. They live the lives we cherish here in Idaho. Butch Otter has integrity and has shown it in word and deed.


andreamichelle said...

i always appreciate any information on political figures when it comes time for election, esp. info that doesn't come from a political ad on the radio, so thank you for your thoughts. Not enough people are informed on what candidates believe and do.

Tanya said...

Thanks for the thoughts. I have thought this but am not as eloquent putting it into words. Butch Otter is definetly good for Idaho. He is not intimidated by Washington, and strong enough to stand up for what he believes. I hope we have a wonderful voter turn out on election day.

Janee said...

"Being of the same faith is not a reason to vote for someone."

I know we are on total opposite sides of the political spectrum but I totally agree with your statement right here 100%.

Remember when Marilyn Holcomb sent around that email telling everyone they should vote for Mitt Romney because he's Mormon? Where he stood on the issues was never even brought up. Ugh. That pissed me off.