Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween

One Bad Dude!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Tinkerbell and Merina Mermaid trick or treating at One Bad Dude's house!

He Can FLY!

The Annual Halloween Costume Parade.

And I dressed up as One Bad Dude's Lady Friend (aka Tinerbell and Peter's mommy)


Amanda said...

love the tinker costume you made! Great job one bad dudes lady friend! Love the backdrops

andreamichelle said...

i love all the costumes, your children are so cute! I love yours and Lances costumes. :)

Karrie said...

Love your HOT picture, Lance's get-up still makes me laugh!!

Erin L said...

oh. my. heck. Lance really does look like a bad dude. That is hilarious! And Calysta's costume looks way more tinkerbell-y than the one I did for Ana last year. Nelson is so big I can hardly stand it. That last picture is so awesome. It makes Lance's stuff look so not-costume-y.

Janee said...

OMG Tinkerbell and Peter Pan! How freaking cute!!! Love it! (Why didn't I think of that? I might be stealing your idea for next year...)

Tats are a good look for Lance. Very bad ass :)