Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandma Lois Robertson Bannister

May 27, 1919- February 13, 2011

91 years old

At 8am Valentines Day my Dad called to tell me that Grandma passed away. She has been on her way home for several months gradually letting go. She was so frail thin last Sunday that I knew it couldn't be too much longer. she really wanted to go and I am happy that she has relief from her earthly body. She is with her Wilfred and many friends that I am sure were waiting with open arms.
She and Grandpa Wilfred Bannister left behind

3 sons: Arthur, Charles (my dad), and Mark. 10 Grandchildren: Jenny, Tim, Chad, Cassie, Jamie, Kelley, David, Bettie, Amy, and Michele (the last 8 are my siblings)and 32 Great Grandchildren.

Grandma always had the best skin and hair. Her skin was flawless and smooth. She loved children with all of her heart and was one of Calista's very best friends. Every time we would go to my mom's house Calista would run to 'old grandma's' bedroom and chat and play for hours. Grandma never tired of the children and always doted on each and every one.
She was always playing games and singing and bouncing her fingers to some melody. Once while visiting her in Vallejo, CA, she taught me a card trick with the Jacks when I was very young and it made me feel like the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I could doop even the older kids. She always spoiled us when we were young with things my parents couldn't afford. We loved her attention and would fight over the phone when she called. This was back when you actually paid to make a long distance call and yet she would talk to each of us... she must have spent a fortune just to call and talk to her grandchildren.
About 6 years ago she moved into my Parent's home. Which was such a blessing. Although it took us all a long time to count it as one. Calista got to really know her and love her, we all did really. She could rile up anyone with her questions, make you giggle with a dirty joke, and make you laugh out loud at her dry sense of humor. She was a democrat through and through surrounded by staunch Idaho Republicans and she stood her ground! I'll tell you my mom and dad's house is going to feel a lot emptier. She had quite the presence. We will all miss her dearly.

Goodbye Grandma. God be with you will we meet again.

Calista and I at her mother and fathers grave in Buhl, ID May 26, 2009


Natalie Service said...

I love your Grandma simply by your description of her! What a wonderful lady! She will be missed... but I can imagine the reunion she is attending right about now...I think your Grandpa is thrilled to have her back!

Sending hugs your way!

Robyn said...

I saw the obituary in the paper and thought about you and your family. Hope all is well and hope to see you sometime soon.

CK said...

I am glad Calista got to know her and that she was close by. That was a blessing in and of itself, I'm sure