Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tis' the Reason

Calista and Carson as Mary and Joseph during our Ward Christmas Dinner while the children sang Mary's Lullaby. It was so sweet and we had one sweet moment of the real reason for Christmas.

---Just a thought---
I wish they would ban Santa Clause from Ward Dinners! Santa is everywhere, at the mall, at the square, at every party, in every yard, at the Festival of Trees, but where is the Savior?
This year at our Ward Christmas Dinner, the Primary Children sang two songs about the Savior, there was such a sweet spirit, and then before they could even walk off the stage -in comes Santa Clause to take over the show and kill the spirit. The focus on the importance of Santa really saddens me. I know the children love Santa, but there are some occasions where it would be nice to focus on the Birth of the Savior.


CK said...

I totally agree with you about Santa. Beautiful picture of Calista! How fun ;)

CK said...

Lol! Nelson a monster ;)

Tiffany Mock-Cook said...

Oh Bettie I am so with you on the whole santa claus thing. It drives me crazy. It seemed for a couple years there they did not have santa at ward christmas parties but he is back!