Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Home Calista!

Calista Kennedy Stevenson
7.5lbs, 20 inches, 10:42am 1/24/2007
(50 hours old)

(26 hours old)

Bath time is finally done, she is much happier!
(7 1/2 hours old)
Trying to escape from her first bath. She did not like it!
(7 hours old)

(a couple of hours old)

I don't even remeber this! Good thing for cameras, huh?!
(about 5 minutes old)
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. She came two weeks before we expected and we were hardly ready, but we are so happy that she is finally here. Contractions sucked, labor was not so bad and really cool, afterward was the worst from mom, and all of it together makes up the best and coolest moment of our lives!
Isn't she beautiful!


McGinnis Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Bettie and Lance & Calista....we are so happy for you!!! She is gorgeous and so healthy! Way to go! We are glad all went well.

Amanda said...

She is beautiful. Welcome Baby Calista you have the best parents in the world. Lucky Girl!!! What a wonderful little family. Congrats you guys. We Love you!!!!

Rick and Kara said...

Beautiful little girl, you guys! She looks like Lance, but they change so much so fast! We are so happy for you. Sorry you won't be getting much sleep for a while...:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys! How exciting--and she is beautiful! :)