Monday, January 08, 2007

Lance is always trying to outdo me!

He will never let me win! Even when it comes to whose belly is bigger!
We officially have four more weeks until our little girl comes! We are looking forward to her arrival for a million reasons. We still don't know how to spell her name: Calista Kennedy, Kalysta Kennedy, Calysta Kennedy, Kalista Kennedy, Cylista Kennedy, Kylista Kennedy... if anyone has any other suggestions just let us know!


Archibalds said...

I love this picture. You guys are the funiest BFF's I have. Bettie you look to cute to be due in 4 weeks. My two cents I like K's and y's in girl names so I pick, Kalysta,Kylista,and Kalista. If you call her Kali or Kyli these are cute. Any of this spelling would look cute with her Best Friend Kendyl. Kylista and Kendyl sounds cute together. We love you guys.

McGinnis Family said...

You look amazing Bettie!!! We miss you guys being around!!! What a gorgeous and cute name for your daughter!

Rick and Kara said...

You guys both look great! Maybe you ought to trade baby having responsibilities next time! Then you can take turns & there won't be so much competition!