Saturday, April 10, 2010

SUPER SATURDAY, continued...

And today....

Calista got her big Ariel.

If you have spoken to Calista in the last two weeks, I am sure she has told you all about it.

Her chart says... "I WILL BRUSH MY TEETH WITHOUT WHINING!" and has a picture of her big Ariel on it. She did such an amazing job! We went from constant fight every night to her being excited to brush her teeth. She is very proud of her pearly whites and our bedtimes are so much easier. 28 times she had to brush and really she only whined about 5 times. I am so proud of her and she really feels like she accomplished something.

Here is her big Ariel. I am sure that if you see Calista in the next month you will get to meet big Ariel in person. She won't let her out of her sight!

And to finish off an already exhausting day... We went to Minico High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. Calista loved Belle so much. She was very talented and beautiful. Calista also talked to Gaston and she said to him "You are a bully!" He said "I'm hurt!" and she said "You are crazy!" Honestly, who teaches this kid these things!

At the end of the production on the way home...

I asked "Did you love it Calista?"

Calista "Yes, but I do not ever want to see it again! I did not like

the Beast

the werewolves

or Gaston!"

I asked "What did you like?"

Calista "Belle."

And that was that. At 10:30pm we dropped into bed! What a day!

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