Saturday, May 03, 2008

Women's Conference 2008

Jamie Lynn, Cassie, Jamie, Bettie (me), and Mom (Bettie)
We had such a wonderful time. This was my first year at Women's Conference and I hereby vow to never miss another year. It was an incredible experience. I bonded with my sisters and mom and 20,000+ other women as we LAUGHED, CRIED, SERVED, WORSHIPED, SANG, SMILED, RAN, WALKED, and STOOD IN LINE (a lot.)

Honestly, by the end of this amazing two days we were then addressed by our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. Just imagine 20,000+ women talking and waiting when he walked in the room within 1 second it was silent and everyone on their feet. It felt like a movie that had been scripted perfectly as one woman began to sing We Thank Thee O God for A Prophet, then another, then another, then 20,000 voices, then the organ joined in and I couldn't even sing. My heart was full and the spirit was so strong and my testimony was strengthen as the spirit testified to me that President Monson is truly a Prophet of God.
His message: Live today, don't put off things for tomorrow.

The concert was amazing. So many talented performers, but I have to say Hilary Weeks and Micheal McLean were my favorites. This is a clip of Micheal McLean at the very end of the concert. I don't know if you just had to be there or not, but if you have time watch for a little laugh. He should really be a stand up comedian. I honestly about peed myself laughing!

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The Four Moores said...

I am gald you all had a great time! It made me cry to see the pic of you all.(don't feel bad, everything makes me cry latley) I wish so mcuh that I could have been there! Love ya tons