Thursday, December 27, 2007


Calista watched dad open his gifts in her birthday suit!

Instead of a cake this year, Lance got a cookie! Calista is just like her dad!

She waits until everyone is distracted and steals a bite!

Lance turned 31 this year. After this last year the next one has no hope! During Lance's 30th year, he accomplished so much: had his first baby, graduated from Law School, got his first REAL job, passed the bar, gained a pant size and went one full year without speaking in church!

Nope, he will never out due that one!

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Archibalds said...

You did have a great year! Way to go Lance. Happy Bithday. I love the picture of Calista stilling a bit, classic. By the way Kendyl LOVES the Christmas video of Calista. She wants to watch it over and over again. It makes her giggle.