Monday, August 13, 2007

Our 1st Family Vacation

Friday night we went to the Bar J Wranglers. It is soooo fun and funny. Calista was the best baby there. We never even had to go outside with her and the show/dinner was 3 hours long. Amazing!

Calista wanted her picture with the baratone! She is a sucker for low notes!

Saturday was all about the scenery. Aren't we lucky to have this in our neck of the woods.

Lance and I came here on our honeymoon. This is our first time back and we were lucky enough to be able to bring our beautiful daughter. It was incredible to be able to share this with her. I am sure she won't remember, but it was priceless for us!

Calista loved hiking. She smiled and sang for all the tourists. I am pretty sure they loved her as much as the view! She especially loved the sound of the water rushing.

She is one trooper! She made it to Inspiration point at 6 months old!

She finally tuckered out.

We had just passed the "Boat Dock 200 yards" sign and she gave up.

After a great nap we went and played in the water on the north end of Jenny Lake.
Calista could not get enough of the water. Believe it or not for a mountain lake it was warm water. Almost 80 degrees.

We finished up our day at Antler Park. You can't go to Jackson and not go to Antler Park!


McGinnis Family said...

You 3 look so happy! I LOVE Jenny Lake!!! I have many family pictures at Jenny Lake! How fun! I'm jealous!

Archibalds said...

Wow Calista! I am way older then 6 months and I have never been there!Looks so beautiful. Next, time you go we are there! I vote cutest family!