Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's been a long road to Lansing and back
And on that road challenges did not lack
So he studied more than most his peers
For 90 credits and 3 long years
And it was definitely worth all the effort he spent
As he ended up in the top 15 percent
Days at the beach, Mackinac and Northwoods too
The good times also were not few
We laughed, we loved, and we learned a lot
Then moved to Boise and had our first tot!
Our friends and our family gave all their love
And everyone knows we had help from above
The grades have come in and he's finally done
But now he will study, he’ll study a ton
And study some more and wish on a star
That he will now pass the bar! Ha ha ha!


Archibalds said...

Congrats!!! As cheesey as it sounds we are so proud of you. We love the poem too and are pround to have done most of those memories with you.

Danny P said...

Yeah Lance! You have really been an inspiration to Janee